Lemon Coconut Meltaways


One of the changes I have made to my diet recently, is increasing my fat intake. I have probably eaten more concentrated fat in the last month than I have in 5 years! The results? I have no cravings (like absolutely none), I am completely satisfied for hours and never think about food between meals, I do not feel overly full after eating and my energy levels have improved. Before adding more fat into my diet, soon after I would eat, I would get so tired that I would have to go lie down. Consequently, I planned my day and exercise around my meals, unfortunately I was left tired for most of the day. In fact, the only time I felt energized was when I was hungry. I never really seriously thought that there was something wrong after all, I was “healthy,” right? I was eating very healthy vegan fare (no refined foods), yet I felt awful.

So I have removed all sweet and starchy foods from my diet (including most fruit) and upped my fat intake considerably. I think the trick (for me) is including more fat and minimizing (natural) sugar. Another plus of reducing the sugar in my diet is I feel very unattached to my food. In other words, I eat when I am hungry and stop when satisfied with no emotional association.

I’ve realised that I am eating considerably more food (in terms of calories, not volume), yet am not gaining weight (while I was with a more starch and sugars based diet). There you have it… five years of following an (extremely) low fat diet… fat does NOT make you fat… I had heard it before, but I had to experience it myself.

So how about some FAT? 😉

Lemon Coconut Meltaways

I will admit it, I have never had a meltaway and I do not even really know what they are! But the name is perfect for these. These literally melt in your mouth and remind me of a coconut lemon pie. If you like lemony things… you’ll love these! The trick with these is leaving them in the freezer (or taking them out of the freezer) for just the right amount of time, that way they are not too hard, but are also firm.


4 T coconut butter, not oil (like coconut manna or another brand)

juice of 1 lemon, plus extra juice of lemon, orange or tangerine

20 drops of vanilla stevia (or to taste)

Warm the coconut butter in the oven until runny. Mix all ingredients together, adding extra citrus juice until it is a slightly runny, smooth consistency that just barely drips off the back of the spoon. Spoon equal amounts into mini silicone muffin liners and place in the freezer for about half an hour or until firm, yet not solid. If you leave them in longer, you will need to remove them about a half an hour before serving.

I also made them with grapefruit juice… I like the lemon better, but they were good too!



  1. Interesting! I think I’ve actually gone through a similar experience 🙂 It probably has something to do with your blood sugar levels because I remember when I ate a lot of carbs I would get hyper and then I would get fatigued. Fat will help stabilize the blood sugar levels so you will satisfied for longer. It is great that you discovered this, plus you can technically still be vegan and just eat more healthy fats 😉

    • Yes, I am grateful I figured this out as well. I had the same experience, except without the hyper part, I was always fatigued! It seems for now, I can not have much of any fruit or sweet things even with fat. I definitely feel better with a bit more protein (I can not do beans) though, which is why I am including a small amount of animal products in my diet.

  2. Wow! those look divine! I have been eating coconut butter in different way, but this beats all! I totally know what you are saying Vicky! I eat way more of my calories from fats….and yes it does not make you fat (well too much of anything can, but you know what I mean)! In fact your body functions better. When I use to have a huge meal of fruit I would feel soo full and that would make me sluggish. Eating less volume is defiantly less stress on the body. The problem is I had deprived myself for so long that at first I couldn’t get enough of it.

  3. I appreciate your candour and so happy to hear you are finding something that works for you. I have recently cut out sugars and trying to see how that makes me feel… Hopefully for the better! Your meltaways look great when I reintroduce sweeteners. 🙂

  4. How many meltaways does that recipe make? It looks so yummy…i could eat co butter straight from the jar lol

    Regarding ur new diet changes, what % of ur diet is now fat? What sources are u getting ur fat from? And since you arent doing beans, what is your protein source? Carbs?

    Im sure a lot of your loyal readers would love to see an example meal log of what u are now eating for a typical day, compared to ur old diet. Can u do a post on that? Thanks!

    • The recipe makes about 6. It depends on the size of your molds though. I do not calculate macronutrient percentages in my diet, so I honestly have no idea. I have been eating lots of coconut products, nuts and seeds and small amounts of animal products. My protein comes from animal products and carbs from vegetables. I am still playing around with my diet and finding what works best for me. I am not interested in doing a “meal log” because, I like the freedom to change what I am eating from day to day and week to week without putting a mold on myself of “this is what I eat.”

  5. These look awesome! I make lots of (my version of) pb cups with coconut oil…and have been experimenting with new flavors and themes. Lemon sound SO good!

    I don’t keep track of my intake percentages either, but I have definitely found that I thrive best on a high fat low (to no) sugar diet. Carbs make me sad and unhealthy… I know it makes people “bristle” to read things like that, but I really believe that everyone has their own best diet. I applaud anyone who experiments with types of food to figure it out!

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