Cashew “Goat Cheese” Log


I have had a busy week…. I took another photography course, this time on food and product photography. I also had school on the weekend and my third cooking class on Saturday. My sister was here for a visit and we went to go see Stonehenge.

You could not go up close because it is roped off, but it was still very cool to see!

For my class on Saturday, I made my Corn Chowder, Tahini Biscuits, Caramel Banana Cupcakes, Root Vegetable Fries and this Cashew “Goat Cheese” Log. (By the way all of those recipes are on my blog under “recipes.”)

Does this really taste like cheese? I do not really know… it is salty, creamy, savory and delicious! To be honest, I do not think I have every tasted a vegan cheese that actually tastes “just like cheese.” After one bite, my dad’s exact words were: “Woa, this is good!” Whether or not this cheese tastes actually tastes like cheese, it is good in its own right. I guess you will have to try making it an let me know if you think it tastes like cheese! 😉


  • 2 c cashews soaked in water overnight
  • 1-2 T light miso (brown rice or chickpea) or salt to taste


  • Blend the cashews with just enough soaking liquid to blend. You want it to be as thick as possible.
  • Pour the cream into a double lined cheesecloth placed in a strainer over a bowl and cover lightly with plastic wrap. Place in a warm place for 24-48 hours or until desired taste is achieved.
  • The cashew cheese should be spongey and smell fragrant ;-). Place cheese onto parchment paper and roll into a log. Fold the parchment paper ends under the log. The cheese may seem too soft at this point, but after it bakes and is refrigerated, it hardens and can be sliced.
  • Bake for 1 and 1/2 hour at 200 F.
  • Refrigerate until ready to eat.
Note: After I refrigerated mine, I rolled it in fresh chopped dill and parsley.

Baking the cashew cheese at a low temperature gives it a nice crust on the outside.


On another note…

I thought I would expand a bit on my new decision of no longer being a vegan.

I have been vegan for about 8 years, so this was definitely a big decision!

Besides the insatiable hunger I was feeling here is a small list:

  • lack of energy
  • extreme fatigue after meals
  • slow muscle growth
  • and a big one… no periods
I have actually been experiencing a severe lack of energy for the last couple of years. To the point where you feel like you are literally “dragging your body around.” I was sleeping more and more and yet never woke up feeling refreshed.

I have already seen an improvement in a number of those issues. I am so curious to see how my body might respond in other ways. I truly believe in listening to your body and not being afraid to experiment. Although I truly love the idea of “being a vegan,” what is the point if you feel awful? My diet is an evolving experiment and who knows what I may be doing in a year from now!

The truth is, no one “knows” what the best diet is. Everyone has a different idea. Which is why the only thing you can do is experiment and see what makes you feel your best.


  1. Just curious, have you investigated the taurine issue? I heard Dr. Fuhrman discuss it recently in a teleconference (I think).

    • Hi Carrie,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I also heard that some vegans need a taurine supplement along with a vegan protein powder. I started taking taurine and a protein powder and neither seemed to make a difference. In fact, the hemp protein powder caused me to have severe pain in my kidneys! :/

  2. Are you sure you were consuming enough calories? Yes eating veggies is healthy but when it makes up most of your plate it might be easy to undereat 🙁

    • Hi Nadiya,

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, I was definitely eating enough, in fact I was eating in excess because I was gaining weight yet still felt “hungry.” I have always had a rather small appetite and have never experienced this before so it was extremely frustrating! Feeling like you are “hungry” all the time and no amount of food makes a difference, is pretty awful. I may look into getting another blood test done to check my thyroid. Although, I had it checked about 8 months ago and it was fine.

  3. How many cals were u eating? It seems that vegan need more cals than nonvegans….many of the cals in plant-based foods are not absorbed due to the fiber (or, they are burned too quickly) and such, thus, more cals are needed.

    Also, was gaining wt so bad? Loss of a period can be due to a low fat diet and too low cals. The body often tries to restore fat stores and hormonal balance by gaining some weight (as a sort of “insurance policy”)…once hormones are straightened out, the weight will even out. I thought u had mentioned that u were underwt eating vegan?

    What is your diet specifically like now?

    • Hi Shelby,

      As I told you before, I do not count calories. No, gaining weight is not terrible, but having an insatiable appetite is pretty miserable (in fact, I would not wish it on anyone)! At one point, I was probably at a low weight compared to the general population, but my body fat percentage was never abnormally low and that was a number of years ago. My diet now is pretty much the same, with the inclusion of some animal products. I have decreased my fruit consumption and upped my fat, that’s about it! 😀

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