Healthy Desserts- Raw Berry Crumble with Ginger-Pear Whipped Cream!


I have been on a healthy dessert-making craze lately. I guess mostly, because that is what everyone loves! We usually stick with fruit as our “dessert,” but occasionally, I like to make something a little more exciting. When I make desserts (apart from being vegan) I try to make mine with whole fruit as the only sweetener, either no flour or whole grain/gluten free flour, no oil and a moderate amount of nuts and seeds. Even with those limitations, it really is not hard to make delicious vegan desserts that impress!

This “dessert” could easily be eaten whenever even as a breakfast or snack and is perfect for Mother’s Day! Although, it has a couple steps to the end process, it can all be prepared in advance and assembled right before serving!


This dish uses frozen, defrosted berries, which makes it extra easy!

The night before defrost about 2 bags of berries (4 cups) and stir in 1/4 c of chia seeds and let it sit overnight in the fridge to thicken. The next day mix in 6 T date paste (or sweetner of choice), ½ t cinnamon and ½ t ginger grated.

The topping is 1/2 c soaked and sprouted buckwheat mixed in the food processor with 2 apples, 6 figs, ½ t cinnamon, 1 t vanilla, ¼ c sunflower seeds and dehydrated overnight (you could also bake the mixture in a low temp oven).

Finally the pear whipped cream! I got the idea to add pear to whipped cream from Chef AJ. It is a great way to bulk up the cream without adding lots of nuts. I added ginger for a spiced pear whipped cream! 1 ½ c pear sauce (or sub apple sauce), 1 T vanilla, 4 T date paste (or dates), 1/3 c cashews (soaked), ½ t xanthum gum, 1 t grated ginger. Blend on high and serve! The xanthum gum helps thicken the whipped cream without adding cashews. If you don’t have it you can leave it out, but it won’t be as thick!

You can do multiple alternating layers in a tall glass or just do one layer!

All together now!


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  1. Ooh, that looks fantastic! I’ve never tried date paste, I’ll have to check that out. Do you buy that in paste form or just squish up dates? Thanks so much for sharing with This Week’s Cravings! I hope to see you again this week. It’s egg week, but I’d love to see some eggless “egg” recipes, too! I love flax seed eggs and tofu scramblers. Can’t wait to see what you share.


    • Hi! Date paste is made from blending dates in a (high speed) blender with a little bit of water until you get a thick paste. It is easier if you soak the dates for a couple hours first, but not absolutely necessary!

  2. Yummm! Love berry crumble in the summer! The whipped cream is a great idea.

  3. for those of us who have never sprouted buckwheat.. what is your favorite method for doing that? i know lots of people do it in mason jars, but everyone has a different way it seems. if you own a sprouter that is automatic i would love to know which one you recommend!

    • Great question! I have to say I am no expert on sprouting, but here is what I do! First I soak them in water. Each grain/bean has different soaking times. Buckwheat only needs 1-2 hours of soaking. Then I drain them and spread them out to sprout for about 2 days (or you can just leave them in a colander; you need to rinse them with water a couple of times a day. You can dehydrate them to get them crunchier or use as is! I find they dry out quite a bit on there own if they are spread out, so dehydrating isn’t necessary! Obviously, I dehydrated the end product in the granola! Hope this helps! 😀


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