Silky Smooth Carob Pudding and Pie Crust


Spring time is my favorite time of year! It makes me so happy to see the trees blossoming and the daffodils and tulips! This is my first spring in the UK. Previously I was in Victoria, BC and before that… well, we won’t talk about that 😉 where the spring didn’t start until May and lasted until July… Basically there was no summer! The funny thing is, almost everyone you meet here love to complain about the weather, while in Victoria (because it is the most mild place in Canada) everyone praises the weather! They always seem to like to mention that there is no sun here. I should have kept track, but almost every other day has been sunny. In Victoria, we would have weeks of rain and no sun! The weather here has been so mild, I truly have don’t understand these Brits! The last couple weeks, we have been enjoying 60 degree weather (which is what we got in July in Victoria)! Fabulous! 😉

These magnolia trees are breathtaking! The flowers look like lotuses!

Blue skies and green grass=heaven! I love that they understand here that grass was made for walking on! They don’t have those “keep off the grass” rules here!

Lately, I have been making a number of different “springy” tarts. So far, I have made Strawberry, Rose Cream, Lemon Raspberry with Passionfruit whipped cream and Carob, Mint, Strawberry. All were delicious and I will be posting the recipes. Today, I have for you the filling for the carob tart I made. This filling was a total experiment and I was very surprised at how good it actually turned out! It is so smooth and creamy and of course… low fat!

The secret to this recipe is:

Prunes! Trust me… it works! These prunes I use are very soft and gooey, so if yours are very hard make sure to soak them before you use them.

Recipe: (if you don’t have lucuma or grain coffee, you can leave them out, but it is not quite as good!)

1 T tahini

1 cup water

2 T carob

1 T instant grain coffee

1 T lucuma

1 t vanilla

7 prunes

1/8 t salt

1 large date

Blend all ingredients in on high until smooth. Try it and add another date/a bit more water if needed.

So I was debating on whether to call this mousse or pudding. I like the way mousse sounds, but I think this looks more like a pudding. What do you guys think? I looked up the different mousse is usually more airy and fluffy made with whipped cream, while a pudding is usually thickened with corn starch. Well… mine has neither!

I put my pudding in a pie crust, topped with sliced strawberries and fresh mint!

I have been playing around, trying to get a recipe for a yummy, refined oil-free crust, that wasn’t dry and chalky. Not only is this crust refined oil free (it uses tahini), but it is also, wheat free (I use spelt) and refined sugar free (I used maple syrup). Originally, I just wanted a cookie crust for my tarts, but this one ended up being buttery and flaky more like a traditional crust and not at all crumbly like a cookie crust! Either way… it’s a keeper! It honestly tastes like buttery snickerdoodle cookies! What you have to be careful of is overcooking it. I pre-baked mine and put filling in it that didn’t require cooking. If you cook it too long, it becomes very hard!

Crust: (inspired from this crust)

½ c tahini

¼ c maple syrup

1 c whole spelt

¼ c brown rice flour

½ t salt

1 t cinnamon

bake at 350 F for 12-15 mins. I would start with 12 (it will look quite soft when you take it out, but is hardens as it cools) and you can always put it back in if you want. Once cooled fill it with your favorite filling!

I used this pie crust for my lemon/raspberry pie…. so good! Recipe to come!

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  1. Seriously?! This is heaven. I’m drooling over this combination of flavours.
    will try for sure 😉

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  3. Wow! That looks awesom! Thanks so much for sharing at Allergy Free Wednesday! I hope you’ll come back tomorrow.

  4. Just beautiful recipe!!! Looks delicious.

    Thank you for sharing your recipe with us last week on AFW! Be sure to check back this week for reader favorites and hostess picks.

    Happy Eating,
    –AFW Hostesses

  5. Wow!!! Those flowers!!! Heaven! Amazing pudding. I love prunes… yes, I only like them when they are squishy and sweet….we get italian ones!

  6. I love the crust too!

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