Leftovers… some people hate them, some love them.

For me, although I love having leftovers, I can never bare to serve them the next day as is. I just don’t like to serve the same things again, the same goes with recipes. Making the same thing over again is so “unexciting.” I want to discover new and delicious flavor combos. Therefore I almost never make the same thing for dinner. It might be very similar to what I have made, but it is always different.

The reason why I like having leftovers, is it gives you a variety of ingredients already prepared and therefore cuts down on the preparation time. Some of my favorite things to make with leftovers are: burgers, loafs, stews, soups, salads, stir fry, veggie rolls (ok you get the idea, the possibilities are endless)!

So today, I wanted to show you how I make a completely new meal out of leftovers and/or odds and ends.

Here are some examples:

So here is what I did for this recipe. I had some leftover hummus, rice and tofu that really needed to get used. I added some ground parsnips (in the food processor), chopped fresh herbs (basil, thyme and sage) and sundried tomatoes.

Mashed it all together.

and formed it into a loaf

The hummus acts as the binding ingredient in this recipe and you could form this mixture into burgers or balls as well.

Topped with a tomato glaze and dinner is served! I served it with a quick and easy gravy

Here is another “leftover” recipe I made recently:

I made the base burger out of leftover rice, squash and tofu (the squash binds it together), added some indian spices and baked the paties. On top of that is sliced roasted eggplant, roasted red pepper baba ganoush, sprouts, coconut yogurt and finished with fig balsamic and pistachios.

The trick with the burgers, balls and loafs (basically whatever you want to hold its shape) is there needs to be a ratio of are mashed ingredients (like potato, hummus, or mashed beans) to  dry ingredients. It takes a bit of playing around with to know what consistency you are looking for, but in general you want the loaf/burger to be almost at the consistency you want before it goes into the oven (dry, yet still moist). The oven doesn’t dry it out that much and because I don’t use eggs, their isn’t that binding action that goes on! 😉

One day I had some leftover homemade spelt sourdough that was stale. I crumbled it in a pan, added indian spices, peas and tomato sauce. I then used that as a filling for indian coconut wraps with red pepper slices.

and served them with a sweet and sour tahini sauce.

Ok, one last leftover recipe….

These balls were made out of left over sweet potato and coconut pulp (from making coconut milk). I added spices and cillantro and baked them…

I hope I have inspired you with some of my leftover ideas. Leftover don’t have to be boring!


  1. Wow that is quite the meal with leftovers 😉 Looks great.
    The only thing is that I don’t like when leftovers end up creating more leftovers – then some ingredients are just not that fresh. BUT looks like this is so good no would dare leave it till the next day 😉

    • Oh, yes. I know what you mean! If I have leftover burgers, I usually crumbled it into a salad, or a loaf I might use as a filling for a wrap. Leftover leftovers are definitely not quite as fun! 😉

  2. Divine recipes…..ya left overs are awesome!!!

  3. I remember when my mom use to make lentil loafs etc…soo good!

  4. WOW…these are so creative! When are u gonna come out with a recipe book? 🙂

  5. How do u make the tomato glaze and gravy? Those look yummers!

    How long and at what temp do u bake the tofu/hummus loaf and rice/squash/tofu burger?

    Do u have a recipe for the baba ganoush?

    • The gravy is the same gravy in my recipe index. The tomato glaze was most likely tomato paste mixed with some salt-free mustard and a fruit-sweetened jelly (like apricot). I don’t have the exact recipe for the baba ganoush, but it was roasted eggplant (just the insides), garlic, cillantro, cumin, tahini, lemon, cinnamon and sometimes I put some soy yogurt in it and/or sundried tomatoes.

  6. Thanks!

    How long and at what temp do u bake the tofu/hummus loaf and rice/squash/tofu burger?

    • I usually bake all burgers/loafs at 350 F. The baking time varies depending on the moisture and shape, from anywhere between 20-60 minutes. You will just have to experiment. I can’t remember how long I cooked these.

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