Cucumber, Lemon Glow Water

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Here is my second “green” recipe for St Patrick’s Day (check out yesterday’s post for the first)! Today’s is Cucumber, Lemon Glow Water. I named it “glow water” not only because of the beautiful hue of the water, but because in theory it should make you glow too! If you haven’t already seen this, check out this study that demonstrates how carotenoids in fruits and vegetables change your skin color and can give you a “healthy glow.” I can personally vouch that fruits and vegetables change your skin color! People often comment when they see my hands at how “orange” they look. While I lived in Panama and was consuming insane large amounts of papaya, the skin around my mouth even started to turn orange! Now whether or not it looks good, I can not say. But hey, it is better than being pasty white, right?! 😉 Either way, this “Glow Water” is thirst quenching and delicious. The dates add a slight sweetness, while the mint leaves you feeling “fresh.” Perfect for spring.

English cucumbers are best for this recipe, because they have a thin skin and small seeds. If you can not find them, peel the cucumber and deseed it if it has large seeds.


32 ounces purified water

2 cups chopped cucumber (n0 need to peel)

3 T lemon juice

¼ cup fresh mint

1-2 dates (depending on how sweet you want it, or you could use stevia)

Blend all ingredients in your blender on high until completely smooth (a high speed blender is best for this). Poor into glasses and serve or place in a jar in the fridge for later!

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