Valentine’s Day Desserts E-book


14 low fat raw vegan recipes to impress for Valentine’s day! All recipes are made without nuts, seeds, oil or avocados. The first 11 recipes use minimal ingredients and are quick and easy, while the last 3 are more labor intensive, but exude a “wow” factor if you are looking to particularly impress!  E-mail me at if you would like the recipe e-book for $8.95. Alternatively if you would like just one of the recipes, they are $1.00 each.

Personal Blueberry Cake

Strawberry Heart Pie

Blueberry Flan

Blueberry Persimmon Layer Cake

Red Raspberry Banana Ice Cream

Chai Date Shake

Vanilla Banana “Milk” Shake

Pink Strawberry Sunrise Mocktail

Heart Healthy Pomegranate Pie

Mango Vanilla “Rice” Pudding

Apple Pie in a bowl with Vanilla Creme

Banana Crepe

Tri Fruit Cannelloni

Carrot Cake Truffles




  1. Lovely! I still cant’t get over the rice pudding! I love the heart pie… is soo beautiful!

  2. Vicky-your desserts look very intriguing! Would you want to e-mail me a complimentary copy of your e-book for review? My e-mail is


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