Hello, hello!


Hi there! I guess it’s been a while, huh? 😉

To be honest, I haven’t felt as much of an incentive to post as often and have been a bit at a loss of what to post about! Let me know what kinds of things you would like to see!

So what have I been up to and how is London?

Well, I am still loving London and am excited about all the amazing opportunities available for me here. I often worry myself that I don’t have enough “structure” or direction in my life, yet it has only been two months since I decided not to go to school and since I made that decision my life couldn’t be falling more into place. I also love the way I feel when I push myself out of my comfort zone; afterwards I feel so much more confident and secure in who I am. I am passionate about health and fitness and can’t wait to help others through that avenue. I am now taking a personal training course as well as mat pilates; my plan is to take many different courses to learn as much as I can. I have so many ideas and can’t wait for what the future has to hold. Life has so much to offer, why not take a chance? 😉

Every weekends there are so many different markets its overwhelming! From food markets, to antique markets, flower markets, etc. Here are some pictures from a flower market I went to: (by the way most of the pics are iphone pics… hence the poor quality)

There were so many orchids!

These were all at the new covent garden flower market. There also sell food there… you can get such great deals there!

We got all of these mangoes for 5 pounds (about $8) because they were ripe. They are Australian mangoes and are huge! We were buying these for $15 each in Canada. They are by far my favorite kind… Those Australians know what they’re doing! 😉 Funny enough though, when we were in Australia the produce prices were so expensive, we were paying at least double what we pay here…

The same guy gave us these dragon fruit because they were “over ripe.”

24 ripe persimmons? Any guesses? 4 pounds (7 dollars)

Yea… so if you “can’t afford” fruits and vegetables? Go to a produce warehouse…

So what about London?

Oxford Street is crowded! I can’t imagine what it is going to be like during Christmas time! :/

It is so fun to walk down these streets!

I can’t wait for Christmas here… the decorations are going to be amazing! 😀

The leaves fall much later here… It is so gorgeous!

Big, beautiful maple leaves!



  1. love the photos! makes me want to come visit! What a fun city to explore. I can’t wait to see the christmas decorations thru your pics!

  2. Yes, one step at a time! Wow! Those flowers are amazing!! Yummy fruit=) Very cheap.I love the architecture! Yes, Christmas will be amazing, I am sure!!! Gorgeous autumn ambiance…I adore crushing leaves. =)

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