I am in England now!

Although, this is more what my surroundings look like!

That’s right… London! I think I fell in love with London, although everyone has been telling me that the “honeymoon” phase will soon end once it starts raining. As of right now, the weather has been “brilliant” (people severely overuse that word here)! We have been having upper 70s… unheard of for the beginning of October! Not for long though, it is supposed to cool down next week…

Tons of people relaxing in the park, enjoying the weather. That is one of the reasons why I like London, there are so many parks! You never feel “boxed in.”

What I probably like the most about living in London, is all the fun things to do! There is so much to see! From farmers markets to dog shows! 😉

We went to see a dog show that was in our neighborhood…

I want a wiener dachshund! This little guy was so cute!


Oh and we did a little grocery produce shopping ;)! We went to an organic produce warehouse! 😀 On some things you pay 1/2 the price!

Yes, that is only for three people and no we are not fat! 😀



  1. Okay. If I were in England at each moment you took those photos, I would do the following:
    1. Frolic across the hills and sing “The Sound of Music”
    2. Definitely ride on one of those two story red buses, dressed in red and take a bunch of photos!
    2. Take my first driving test in a British car (though naturally not at this intersection)
    3. Sunbathe and then go read a book under a tree,
    4. Dance my heart out in the meadow, climb some trees, and have a race with you through it,
    5. Kayak on the lake (if possible),
    6. Take my old toe shoes, don some sort of white gown, and have a photo shoot in the rain,
    7. Eat. Those. Berries.
    8. (And. Tomatoes.)
    9. And inhale the bread 😉
    10. Attend the dog show, and somehow convince that’s dachshund’s owner to let me keep ’em,
    11. And sieze that case of figs, run back to the meadow, and eat it all by myself =D
    Loved this post-and look forward to a part 2 🙂

  2. Lovely!!!!

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