Piña Passion Juice


It is no secret that Central America grows some of the best pineapple. When I was living in Panama, we had pineapple every morning which was picked completely yellow and the flesh was incredibly sweet and juicy (unlike the green ones commonly found in North America).

This kind of pineapple tastes so different then the ones you buy in a store and are really a special treat! I would make just about pineapple anything, smoothies, sorbet, salsa! An apple a day? It was a pineapple a day for me… and of course a couple more pineapples for  the rest of the fam. You can imagine just how many we got through in a day! Once a week, we went to a special open produce market where farmers would come drop off their goods and stores would buy their produce. We could get a pineapple that size for about $1.00 each. (we often bought 15 at a time).

My dad has been drinking the same pineapple juice concoction every morning for about 6 years… yes, he loves it that much (I’ll admit it, it is really good :-D). It is a special ratio of fresh, ripe pineapple, fresh squeezed orange juice, strawberries and the secret ingredient (if available) passion fruit!

Passion fruit has the best flavor. The fruit has such a lovely perfume. I can only describe the taste as a “tropical bubble gum lemonade”(hehe :-D). It is definitely unique! Passion fruit in North America is a bit hard to come by and expensive. We could get them for about 25 cents each in Panama, here they are $1.50.

To check for ripeness, the fruit should have a sweet perfume and the skin should be wrinkly. The interior contains a sweet and tangy yellow pulp which encases edible seeds. Some people strain the seeds, but I usually just blend them up! Don’t worry if you can not find these fruits though, the juice is delicious without it!

Piña Passion Juice:

1/2 chopped pineapple

16 ounces fresh squeezed orange juice

6 frozen or fresh strawberries

1 passion fruit (pulp and seeds)

A”ripe” pineapple in North America.

When choosing a pineapple, check for a sweet smell near the base. Generally, the yellower the better, just make sure the pineapple is not soft, if it gives to pressure, it means it is starting to rot.

First cut the top off of the pineapple and then cut off the skin.

next cut the “meat” off, around the core

Cut the core off and eat it or throw it away ;)!

Put everything into the blender and blend. Serve immediately as the juice separates after sitting.


Now… that size is more like it 😉


  1. I’m so jealous of how cheap the pineapples are! Its my favorite fruit but I can never bring myself to pay for the fresh ones since I have the hunch I’d lop about half of the fruit off trying to remove the skin. That juice looks so tropical, what a brilliant combo!

    • Ha, funny that you mention removing the skin! One of my pet peeves is when people are cutting up a pineapple and they cut off half of the fruit and throw it away :(! I love pineapple too much to waste it! If you look back at my pictures you might notice some teeth marks on the skin, as I usually end up gnawing off the remaining juicy flesh on them ;)!

  2. Love this Vicky! Very cute and creative! Yes, those pineapples are great! Definitely agree with a pineapple a day=) It isn’t the season right now, but it was. They are not acidic at all! I love them just whole. Rachel loves the smoothies. =)

    • I usually just eat them whole too…standing up… at the counter… before it makes it onto a plate! 😉

  3. YUM!!! I have never really experimented with funky fruits like this, but I would love to try after seeing this delicious BEVY! NICE!


  4. One word: YUM 🙂

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