I love finding deals. While grocery shopping, I am constantly looking at the price to see what is on sale or how much lettuce is at one store compared to another. I find it so satisfying and almost addicting, plus I can then justify eating my insane large salads. 😉 This same sort of mindset has led me sometimes to embark on rather overly ambitious culinary tasks, all for the sake of “homemade” ;), like making my own naan bread, slow dried spices or preserved lemons (all of which sound like everyday tasks to a foodie, but obviously not to a “normal” person). I hate  severely dislike wasting food. I’ll admit it, I am often found gnawing on the mango skins my mom has discarded. I even gaze my greedy little eye at the box of rejected fruits and vegetables the produce guy is sorting through at the grocery store and have even gone as far as to ask him what he was going to do with all of it! Unfortunately, most places can not legally give it to you, instead it goes to the chickens :/. When I was shopping the other day at “The Village Green Grocer” I came across a shelf of discounted produce items because they were old or overripe. I was excited to see these babies:

A box of sixteen for $8… 50 cents each. Here these are usually at least $1.00 if not $1.50 each… a steal! 😉 Granted they were on the verge of over-ripeness, but were not quite there yet!

These are champagne mangoes (they also have many other names) from Mexico, which I think are one of the best varieties. They are smaller and unlike most other varieties of mangoes, the flesh is not fibrous (stringy?).

I thought I would do a tutorial of how I cut a mango…

Cut the cheeks of the mango length wise around the long, thin seed.

then cut your cheeks vertically and diagonally

You can then scoop out the flesh with a spoon

or turn the cheek inside out and eat it 😀

So what did I do with a whole box of mangoes? Well, besides the obvious (eating them)….

Best salsa ever…. Roasted Red Pepper Mango Salsa!

5 small mangoes

1 roasted red pepper

1/2 c cillantro

1 t spicy mexican chili pwdr (more or less)

1/4 c lime juice

1/4 c chopped onion

Blend chunky in blender or food processor!

Mango Roasted Red Pepper marinating tofu…

Baked tofu…

mango rice banana pudding

mango tomato terrineOk, that’s enough! Hehe… I’ll post those recipes tomorrow! 😉


  1. Wow-someone’s been popping out her blog posts!! I’ve really been enjoying them! And that Mango Tomato Terrine looks INCREDIBLE (looks like some but nut cheese in there-or coconut cream?) Can’t wait till you post the recipes!

    • Aw, thank you! Glad you like them! 😉 Yes it was a coconut cream, how did you guess? 😉

  2. Wow!!! I love finding deals too=) Those mangoes are awesome! My fav… butter mangoes! Wow, your creations are gourmet and splendidly healthy, Vicky! Beautiful pics!

  3. I love the fake rice!

  4. You are AWESOME!! What a great deal! I hate to waste food as well

  5. Fantastic recipes, I have really enjoyed your blog. So glad to hear that someone else is a manic food shopper! ( iphone deal finder for everywhere I go) Living in the south is crazy when you eat the way we do. Thank you for sharing your creative spin, on your love of food. I found you on a pin. Best Wishes!

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