I am a Hippie Child


I figured you had already gathered something was a little different from my other posts, so I thought I might as well spill the beans… my family eats an insane rather large amount of fruits and vegetables. When my mom and I go shopping… we each get a large shopping cart and fill it to the brim and we usually end up going every couple of days (oh and btw… my “family” at the moment consists of three people). That being said, we really only go into “grocery stores” during the winter when there is not much local produce, otherwise we go straight to the farm and load up. I am sure I have answered “What are you going to do with all of these bananas?” 25 different times (or oranges, pineapples or whatever we happen to be buying in large quantities). I usually just try and keep it simple with “We eat them!” Of course, they always remark that we must be “very healthy.”

Remember that 10 lb box of raspberries? We didn’t make pies or jam with those. We I ate most of them and they didn’t even last a week! That is just the raspberries, not to mention all the other stuff… On second thought, an “insane” amount of fruits and vegetables is probably a more accurate description ;)!

I am a hippie child. My mom got into “health food” when she was 18. She made her own sprouted bread and wheat grass juice way back. I was brought up on a mostly carrot juice macrobiotic diet… at-home birth, cloth diapers, the whole shebang! I did not watch tv as a kid, listen to popular music or play video games. Occasionally for a “special treat” I got to watch a movie (g rated and usually consisted of Winnie the Pooh until I was 8). Oh and did I mention I grew up on the Montana prairie? Ha… no wonder I am “strange” ;).

So why do we eat so much produce? Because we feel the best that way! Of course there are many other reasons why we choose to eat this way. In later posts I’ll go more into detail.


My mom and I leave for Boulder, Colorado on Wednesday so Tuesday is officially my last day on Vancouver Island! I am trying to soak up every last moment! I lived in Boulder for a couple years and absolutely love it there. Both of my sisters live there, so I am excited to see them. After that… we are off to Spain and will then be traveling for a bit around Europe! I’ll be sure to post some pics of the trip!


Finally, for the recipe…

This bad boy? A terriyaki portabello mushroom topped with mango and tomato slices with coconut cream. Finished with a spicy sweet and sour mango sauce! (and garnished with cillantro!)

Mango Sauce:

1 mango

2 T lime juice

1 t chli powder

1 green onion

1/4 c cillantro

blend together!


  1. How cool that you got to grow up as a “hippie child” that is AWESOME! You are beautiful 🙂

  2. I eat fruit by buckets, not so much veggies, but fruit is so wonderful kinda like natures candy!! Im a hippie wannabe!

  3. Hi hippie child! The post is really interesting and I loved reading those facts about you and your family. It is good that you all like fruits and veggies so much!! Even I prefer to include them in good amounts in my family’s diet. Usually Indian food contains a lot of veggies!
    Thanks for the recipe at the end. Sounds great!

  4. Loved your post…would visit here again very

  5. Hehehe…..Hippie child! Well, I guess I could be considered partially one too. =) lol
    I hope you are having a blast in Boulder. Yes, that’s why we eat it…. feels great! Love those recipes….creative one!

  6. hahahah……love love love…oooooo that mushroom stacker looks delic

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