Vancouver Island


I have only been on Vancouver Island for 7 months and I have fallen in love with it here. In the last 10 years of my life, I have moved six times. I have lived in California, Montana, Colorado, Florida, Panama (Central America) and now Canada. When people ask me where I am “from” I honestly don’t know where to say! Yes, I was born in California, but I have hardly spent much time there. Of all the places I have lived, I like it here the most!

Every weekend my family and I go on a hike or bike ride. I read somewhere that Vancouver Island has 45 different national parks. Whatever the number is, we have gone to a different one almost every weekend and still have not seen them all!

So much of the island has been left in its natural state and the natural state just happens to be gorgeous. I have always appreciated nature, but because the weather is so mild here, we have been able to appreciate it all year round!

We have little baskets on the back of our bikes for our dogs to ride in! 🙂

We let the dogs out to run alongside us on the trail and put them back in when they get tired! Don’t be fooled though… these guys can run quite a distance! 😉

If I could imagine a perfect city, Victoria, the city on Vancouver Island, would be it. It is a perfect size, small, yet has everything you could want, a quaint little downtown and one of the oldest China Towns in Canada! The houses are cute and because gardening is such a common pastime, yards are overflowing with flowers.A pebbled garage with grass growing on the roof!

Have you heard of the world famous Butchart Gardens? I was left speechless… I will let the pictures do the talking…

Yup, so the flowers here are amazing, but probably my favorite part about living here is the local, organic, fresh produce! There are so many farms surrounding the city, that you don’t have to drive more than 5 minutes to pick your own farm-fresh produce!

I could go on and on about it here… I feel like I have found a place that offers (almost) everything I was looking for! It looks like my family and I may be moving (again) in the near future. I have enjoyed exploring the island and will certainly miss it here, but there are so many exciting places to explore….


  1. How awesome that you have had the chance to live in all those different places!!

  2. The pictures are gorgeous and I love Vancouver already!

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